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p2p lender Mintos adds foreign currency p2p loans in CZK, PLN, DKK, GEL, RON, GBP

In a brilliant move p2p lending platform Mintos has added the possibility to invest in foreign currency p2p loans across Europe. This means that from now on you can invest in high-netting loans in Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty, Danish Krones, Georgian Laris, Romanian Lei, British Pounds.

In practise this means that you can diversify your p2p investment portfolio not only across different loan types (personal loans, invoice financing, secured car loans, business loans, mortgage loans, …etc) but also across different currencies. And you can do this extremely easily as Mintos has added an instant currency exchange (forex) tool on its website. For very low fees (around 1%) you can instantly exchange your native currency (which is Euro for me) into any of the other currencies on the platform.

In the Mintos loan listing view as seen below you can easily filter the foreign currency p2p loans offered per currency.

p2p lending platform Mintos foreign curreny p2p loans listed

My personal foreign currency p2p loans in Georgian Lari (GEL)

Ever since they started offering these foreign currency p2p loans I have started investing in Georgian, Lari denominated loans. As per the end of March 2017 my Lari p2p investment portfolio consists of 961.71 (Georgian Lari) with a Net Annualised Return expectation of 16.16% something I am really happy about as it is quite a bit higher than the 11.68% return rate my Euro denominated p2p loans investments are netting.

My Georgian Lari foreign currency p2p loans investments portfolio March 2017

I really consider this option to invest in p2p loans across different currencies as a great addition to the great p2p investment platform that Mintos really is.

In the next few months I will keep you posted about the return rate developments with my Georgian lari p2p loan investments.

My first P2P Lending Experience: 10 Months of Investing in Mintos with a 11.28% return (+ buyback guarantee)

After having been convinced that p2p lending is really the new undiscovered investment tool that it promises to be I decided to give it a shot at the beginning of 2016 which resulted in my first p2p lending experience…

Having done my research for some the last months of 2015 I was ready to make my first p2p lending investments and start the big p2p lending experience experiment.

The very first platform I invested money on was a relative newcomer from Latvia called Mintos. To find out all about My Mintos Investment experience read on…

Why I chose Mintos as my first p2p lending platform

Mintos was founded in january 2015 and quickly gained market traction through their transparent and novelty platform. One of the great features that made Mintos popular was (and is) that they allow you to invest in loans with a buyback guarantee greatly reducing an investor’s risk (more details about this below)

As opposed to many other platforms (who only offer unsecured personal loans) Mintos offers a great diversity of loans: from secured mortgage loans, personal unsecured loans, secured car loans to small business loans.


The minimum investment in one loan on Mintos is a mere EUR 10 making it a great starting point for new investors as you can create a nice diversified portfolio with relatively little money.

Both the buyback guarantee option and the low minimum investment of €10 were the reasons why I choose Mintos as my first p2p investment marketplace.

And I was definitely not the only one.


As per November 2016 Mintos has 14.870 registered investors which funded an impressive total loan volume of € 83 687 094

Lower your risks with Mintos buyback guarantees

If you are new to p2p lending and investing the buyback guarantees require a little bit more explanation.

Most p2p lending platforms and marketplaces provide unsecured personal or business loans, meaning there is no collateral to back the loan. The platforms use an extensive analysis of each person and business that applies for a loan taking into account many factors the likes of: monthly income, are they homeowners or not, debt history, credit card payment history,….etc. By analysing these factors they create a risk profile and based on that they decide if the applicant gets a loan and for which interest rate. High risk loans offer investors high interest rates but at the same time they have a high chance of defaulting (meaning the borrower doesn’t pay back the loan). As there is no collateral this can mean that an investor loses his invested/lended money. By diversifying your loans over many different loans with varying risks you can lower your risk…and this is what most investors do.

When Mintos entered the market they decided to offer secured loans. Up to that moment this had not been done on a large scale yet in the p2p lending market. And Mintos therefore created a great new addition with these loans.

Buyback guarantee loans will net you, as an investor, less interest than unsecured loans, but it will greatly reduce your risk as Mintos will buyback the loan whenever the borrower defaults on his payment obligations for 60 days or more. In such a situation Mintos will pay you 70% of the original loan contract meaning that the maximum loss you run on such a loan is only 30%. This is a great system that greatly reduces your risk as a lender.

Mogo is a loan originator on Mintos that offers secured car loans with a buyback guarantee

Currently Mintos pays a maximum of 13.5% interest rates for buyback guarantee loans through Mogo, a secured car loan originator. A great return rate for loans that have very limited risk. They are one of my favourite loans to invest in on Mintos. 

My first P2P Lending experience: a review of 10 months investing on Mintos

In January 2016 I opened an account on Mintos which was a very easy process. I had to fill in my details and upload a piece of ID for identification purposes but within 3 days I had a functional account. I wired €1000 to the account and started my great p2p lending experiment.

As I was new and wanted to limit my risk I started investing in loans with a buyback guarantee in €10 portions to guarantee make my first p2p lending experience devoid of too much risk.

Mintos has an auto-investment tool that allows you to let them do the investments according to criteria you set. It takes away the manual and time consuming task of manually making offers for each and every loan you want to invest in. And it is completely free and easy to use.

I used the following criteria in their auto-investment tool:

  • Must have a buyback guarantee
  • Interest rate between 8 and 20%
  • Loan term from 1 to 120 months
    This means short term loans and long term loans up to 10 years. I did this to include some of  the mortgage loans offered on Mintos which are always long term loans.

And with these settings I hit the ‘save’ button and Mintos started doing the investment work for me.

When I returned to the mintos website a couple of days later my €1000 had been neatly invested in 100 loans and I was eagerly waiting for the first principal and interest payments to roll in. And this is what happened. Slowly small payments were coming in and I was loving it.

It was very exciting to return to my online account on a daily basis and see that I had received another couple of euros.

For the first couple of months I was always hovering around a return on my investment of aournd 10%. “This is great I thought”. And it was compared to my 0.7% interest rate on my Dutch savings account at the Rabobank.

It was a great encouragement and I decided to invest in some more loans on Mintos. I added a couple of thousand or euros more and devised a couple of new auto investment settings in order to try to raise my return. The biggest change I made was that I changed my minimum required interest rate to 12% in the auto investor and left the other settings more or less unchanged.

And it worked.

Slowly my interest rate crept towards, and eventually surpassed, the 11% net annual return rate.

As I got more comfortable with Mintos I also got more comfortable with taking a bit more risk. I started investing in some higher netting loans of around 15% without a buyback guarantee. On the one hand to diversify my portfolio and on the other hand to increase my total net annual return.

And it worked again.

Now after just over 10 months of investing on Mintos my Net Annual Return is a great 11.28% and it is still slowly rising every week due to the repayments of the higher 15% interest loans.

my first p2p lending experience 11.28% after 10 months on Mintos
My personal annual return overview of 11.28% after investing 10 months on Mintos [Click to englarge]
In 10 months time I have made €303.40 interest on an average invested amount of €3228. (For some months I had €5000 invested but I have lowered this amount in order for me to be able to try out a bunch of other p2p lending platforms too). 

I am very happy about this and it has made me very enthusiastic about p2p lending as a savings and investment tool. All in all my first p2p lending experience has been a very positive and encouraging process. 

I will soon write more about some of the unique features that I like about Mintos through an in depth analysis of this great platform.

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