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p2p lender Mintos adds foreign currency p2p loans in CZK, PLN, DKK, GEL, RON, GBP

In a brilliant move p2p lending platform Mintos has added the possibility to invest in foreign currency p2p loans across Europe. This means that from now on you can invest in high-netting loans in Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty, Danish Krones, Georgian Laris, Romanian Lei, British Pounds.

In practise this means that you can diversify your p2p investment portfolio not only across different loan types (personal loans, invoice financing, secured car loans, business loans, mortgage loans, …etc) but also across different currencies. And you can do this extremely easily as Mintos has added an instant currency exchange (forex) tool on its website. For very low fees (around 1%) you can instantly exchange your native currency (which is Euro for me) into any of the other currencies on the platform.

In the Mintos loan listing view as seen below you can easily filter the foreign currency p2p loans offered per currency.

p2p lending platform Mintos foreign curreny p2p loans listed

My personal foreign currency p2p loans in Georgian Lari (GEL)

Ever since they started offering these foreign currency p2p loans I have started investing in Georgian, Lari denominated loans. As per the end of March 2017 my Lari p2p investment portfolio consists of 961.71 (Georgian Lari) with a Net Annualised Return expectation of 16.16% something I am really happy about as it is quite a bit higher than the 11.68% return rate my Euro denominated p2p loans investments are netting.

My Georgian Lari foreign currency p2p loans investments portfolio March 2017

I really consider this option to invest in p2p loans across different currencies as a great addition to the great p2p investment platform that Mintos really is.

In the next few months I will keep you posted about the return rate developments with my Georgian lari p2p loan investments.