p2plendingexperiences.com started with my own fascination for the emerging p2p lending and investment marketplaces and their great – but often confusing – potential.

Historically low interest rates on my savings account and a dwindling stock market got me searching for out-of-the-box and novel ways to make my hard saved money work for me and at least make a bit of an acceptable return.

When I found out about p2p lending and the different marketplaces I was quick to try out a few platforms to see what was true of their bold claims that 10+% ROI are easy to achieve. It seemed too good to be true.
So begin 2016 I started my big p2p investment experiment by trying out a range of platforms. And ever since I have been hooked both by the revolutionary ways these p2p lending marketplaces give amazing returns and the revolutionary and easy-to-use methods they employ for it.

This website is my real-life account of what I learned experimenting with investments on a wide range of global p2p lending marketplaces.

Real-life p2p lending & investment experiences on a broad variety P2P Lending Marketplaces